Business Matching

The Business Matching sessions have successfully come to a close.
Thank you for your participation.

Over a period of three weeks, Business Matching opportunities will be offered to Japanese and African companies through an online platform that will allow them to directly conduct business meetings and networking to find potential business partners. In addition to companies from Africa that are interested in networking with Japanese companies, companies that are currently preparing concrete investment projects and start-ups are also expected to participate.

If you would like to participate in business matching, please contact the secretariat below by email.

New Information

For three weeks from June 29 (Tuesday) to July 16 (Friday), an online platform has provided a place for business matching, where Japanese, African and European companies could directly conduct business negotiations and networking.

As of July 13, approximately 370 companies (90 Japanese companies, 160 African companies, 10 European companies, 110 African investment promotion organizations, public institutions, and African embassies in Tokyo) have registered for the event. In particular, in the countries and sectors listed in the table below, we have received specific project ideas from African public institutions and companies that are interested in collaborating with Japanese companies.

Participating African Companies

Participants will come from all over Africa in the areas of power and energy, manufacturing, agriculture, finance, fintech, IT, healthcare, education, infrastructure, logistics, and transportation.

Specific project ideas from African participants (114 as of July 13)

Country Sector
Angola 16 projects in agriculture and food processing
Benin 4 projects in agriculture and food processing、
3 projects in manufacturing and industrialization,
1 project in energy
Burkina Faso 5 projects in agriculture and food processing,
4 projects in infrastructure, 1 project in energy
Egypt 1 project in ICT
Ethiopia 16 projects in agriculture and food processing,
1 project in manufacturing and industrialization
Ghana 7 projects in agriculture and food processing、
2 projects in infrastructure、1 project in finance、1 project in education
Madagascar 5 projects in agriculture and food processing、
5 projects in infrastructure, 2 projects in SEZ
Mauritius 4 projects in industrialization, 1 project in industrialization, 2 projects in education
Rwanda 2 projects in agriculture and food processing, 1 project in ICT, 1 project in manufacturing
Zimbabwe 7 projects in infrastructure, 1 project in energy, 1 project in ICT, 1 project in tourism

European Companies participating in Business Matching

Country Sector Company (Home Country) Company Profile
Senegal Water & Sanitation WeCo Toilet Inc.
Development of environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment and water reuse
Kenya (or other East African countries: Uganda, Tanzania or Rwanda) Water & Sanitation, Manufacturing WaSH Innovation
Development of water-efficient portable sanitation equipment to improve water quality and sanitation
Tanzania ICT, Postal Services, Multisector Krabu Grupp
Support for the digitalization of industry through the development and introduction of software and consulting services
Netherlands (for application in emerging countries in Africa & Asia) Health PreMal BV
Development and commercialization of high-performance mosquito trap system
Rwanda and more ICT
Multisector Technology for Development (“Tech for Dev”)
Trust Stamp Malta Ltd.
Development of software products for government agencies, finance, healthcare, education and other sectors
Mozambique Manufacturing Agri-processing, Oil& Gas Valinox
Management of oil and gas, metal, and food processing plants
Whole continent, Mainly West Africa Renewable energy, Solar energy, Off-grid solutions GFM
Development of solutions for portable power generation facilities and equipment
Whole continent, South Africa Technology applied to infrastructures algoWatt
Development of sustainable solutions for energy and natural resources management
Depends on project Connects investor with SMEs with development projects in Africa SDG Changemakers Ltd.
Matching investors to achieve the SDGs

Public institutions, chambers of commerce and industry, and other organizations participating in Business Matching

  • EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
  • Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC)
  • The National Agency of Investment Development of Algeria (ANDI)
  • Angola Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX)
  • Agence de Promotion des Investissements et des Exportations (APIEx)
  • Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC)
  • Egyptian Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA)
  • PPP Unit, Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia
  • Horticulture Department, Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia
  • Ghana Free Zones Authority (GFZA)
  • Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC)
  • Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM)
  • The Agency for Promotion of Investment and Exports of Mozambique (APIEX)
  • Economic Development Board of Mauritius (EDB)
  • Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency (AMDIE)
  • Rwanda Development Board (RDB)
  • Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (ZIDA)
  • African Diplomatic Corps

When you register for the Business Matching program, you will be able to check out participating companies and project ideas from Africa, and contact project advocacy bodies and companies.
By registering for Business Matching, you will have the opportunity to view the entire program, including webinars. You do not need to register separately for general viewing. (If you have already registered for general viewing, there will be no issues if you register twice.)
We are looking forward to your participation.

If you would like to participate in the Business Matching program, please contact the Japan-Africa Business Forum Secretariat by email.
Mail: cl-jabf[at] * Please note that the @ in the email address is written as [at] to prevent spam.

<How to register to participate>

  1. Send a request to the above email address to register to participate.
  2. Use the registration link sent by the secretariat to register.
  3. Log in to the platform after receipt of an email confirming your provisional registration.
    ~The following steps will be carried out on the platform directly.~
  4. Enter information on your profile page and set up a schedule of available times and dates to meet.
  5. Search for African and European companies and set up online meetings.
  6. Join the online meeting on the agreed date and time.